Sabtu, 11 Februari 2012

SCF outfit

after going to Solo City Fashion, me and my friend take a photoshoot just for a fill my 'empty' blog, I do know what should I do with my blog? I couldn't write well like other people I just try to post so much photo, so sorry bcause thats all I can do :)
taken by lemod
loose tanktop /  uniqlo chino pants / black platform / unbranded accesories

Sabtu, 04 Februari 2012


taken by octria

top - mango / grandma's maxi skirt / unbranded ring / platform shoes


what a great FAVEshion photos

 I took this picture from a website photographer, I took some and I love the photos of melissa Rodwell .. I am very surprised to see the pictures and photographs is my favorite among the other photos .. what a great pose , photos, concept and color .. you can check this out melissarodwell !!

welcome to february

hellaaaaw this is my first blogpost on february..
first i'll make a wishlist on my february :
  • i hope i get more mature
  • more patient
  • i'm not selfish anymore 
  • i can manage my expenditure 
wohoo i hope this wishlist not only on this february but also every month, every year, every time as long as i live :)